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Tenure track Position at the Department of Biological Science,
Faculty of Science, Shizuoka University, Japan
    Department of Biological Science, Faculty of Science, Shizuoka University is inviting applications for five year's tenure track assistant professor position with financial support for research. Aimed at development of research activity and educational activity in the department of Biological Science, Faculty of Science is seeking a tenure track assistant professor for researching in the area of biological sciences (including plant biology, molecular and cellular regulation, and cellular and developmental biology).   
    Tenure track system at Shizuoka University aims to provide promising young researchers with opportunities to promote their scientific carriers, and to nurture their talents and skills in research, leadership, management, and education. Holders of tenure track positions are expected to primarily undertake scientific research in their respective fields. However, since eventually they will also undertake teaching responsibilities, tenure track program includes duties to guide thesis projects of students. Holders of tenure track positions are promoted to tenured positions upon successful completion of tenure track program. Extremely competent individuals may be promoted to tenured positions even earlier.   
    Shizuoka University hires professors to promote internationalization both in education and research. In addition, Shizuoka University is committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of nationality, race, gender, or religion.  
1. Job Overview  
    Department of Biological Science promotes education and research aimed at the development of human resources who will be active nationally and internationally in the field of biological science, including plant biology, molecular and cellular regulation, and cellular and developmental biology. The successful candidate would be expected to promote the top-level academic research in these fields and contribute to teaching biological science for Bachelor/ Master course students.  
Field Keywords No. of Positions Contacts
Biological Science Plant biology,
Molecular and Cellular Regulation,
Cellular and Developmental Biology
Assistant Professor
(1 position)
Professor  Hiro-aki Takeuchi
2. Starting date  
   The successful candidate is expected to start on April 1, 2021.  
3. Job description  
(1) Duration
   Five years from the start of employment.
(2) Assessment of Tenure track Position
   Performance of the tenure track position holder will be evaluated on a regular basis. The assessment will be aimed at evaluating his/her capabilities in scientific research, leadership and management, acquisition of competitive research funding, and providing teaching and tutorship for Bachelor/Master course students. The assessment will take into account the original research plan, mid-term and final research goals submitted at the start of employment, and results of interviews. The assessment will be scheduled as follows:
 1) Yearly evaluation will take place at the end of first, second, and fourth years.
 2) An interim assessment will be conducted within the month following expiry of two and a half years since the start of employment.
 3) The final assessment will be conducted within the month following expiry of four and a half years since the start of employment.
 * Successful assistant professor will be promoted to lecturer (acquire tenure until the retirement age (currently 65 years old)).
(3) Remuneration: annual salary system
 1) Allowances, including those for dependents, management, housing, commutation, special work, overtime work and midnight work will be provided in accordance with the Shizuoka University guidelines.
 2) Relocation expenses will be covered in accordance with the Shizuoka University guidelines.
(4) Research Support
 1) During the first year, a start-up fund of 3,500,000 yen and an independent research space will be provided. During the second year, research fund of 1,400,000 yen will be provided. During the third, fourth and fifth years, research fund of 700,000 yen per annum will be provided.
 2) The successful candidate shall conduct research under the guidance of mentor/research advisor.
 3) It is possible that a research fund may be changed by the situation of a future budget.
(5) Primary Responsibility
 1) In addition to research on a special field, support for the subjects on seminar / experimental work / lecture for the students are obligated.
 2) Applicants must have enthusiasm for research and education in the emerging field of biological science. Approximately 70% of efforts during the period of the employment will be focused on research and 30% on education.
(6) Place of work
 1) The successful candidate shall be assigned to work at Shizuoka Campus of Shizuoka University (Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan).
4. Qualifications  
(1) Applicants must possess a doctoral degree obtained within ten years at the deadline of this job posting. And applicants must have been conducting outstanding research in the relevant fields.
(2) A researcher who can be in charge "Plant biology, Molecular and Cellular regulation, or Cellular and Developmental Biology" in Department of Biological Science.
5. Documents for Submission  
(1) Application form (curriculum vitae, photograph, past achievements and research funds, impact factor and citation count of individual paper); Form01 (wordpdf).
(2) Summary of previous research (two A4 size pages); Form02 (wordpdf).
(3) Plan of proposed research for five year's period (two A4 size pages); Form03 (wordpdf).
(4) Ambition for teaching in Shizuoka University (one A4 size page); Form04 (wordpdf).
(5) Copies of up to five most important scientific publications (journal articles, books; pdf).
(6) Names and contact information of two persons who can be contacted in reference to your work (word).
[Note] * Important
  Forms 01-04 must be filled in English or in Japanese and saved with the documents (5) as well as (6) in one folder.
[Submission of documents]
  The above documents (1)-(6) must be uploaded from the web site to our office according to the following procedure. At the first, put Form 01, 02, 03, 04 (word, pdf) together with (5) and (6) in one folder and compress the folder in zip format. Then, upload the zip-file "" from the application site below. Documents will not be submitted using E-mail. In addition, application documents will not be returned.
[URL of the web site for the application] * Important
  * Aplication site
6. Deadline  
  Applications must reach the office by 5 p.m. December 1, 2020, Japan time.  
7. Selection Procedure  
(1) Document Review - Early - Mid December 2020
(2) Interviews - Late December 2020 - Early January 2021. Only those who have passed the document review will be notified for an interview. Travel expenses will not be disbursed. The interview with Zoom will be performed for selected overseas residents.
(3) If several applicants have similar abilities, then female or applicants which have obtained a doctoral degree abroad will get an advantage.
(4) Temporary suspension of research due to maternity or childcare leave in your work record will not be a disadvantage for selection. State clearly in Form01 if this applies to your situation.

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